Facebook domain name verification

Verification of the domain name allows you to prove to Facebook that you are the real owner of this domain. Social media put this functionality in place at the end of 2017, when more and more concerns were raised about fake news circulating on the web, including on Facebook.


Why register your domain name on Facebook?

Mostly to be able to edit the links you share.

Formerly, when you were sharing a web link (URL) on Facebook, you could modify the link's metadata, such as either the article’s name, its description or the displayed image. Facebook has removed this possibility, because fake news was often posted. Anybody could take a link on any website and modify it to share false information.


How to proceed?

You first must access your Facebook Business Manager’s account. If not already done, you need to create an account. Two options are available to verify your domain name.

There are multiple steps to follow in each case and both methods require the HTML access code to your website. You will most probably need a web developer or programmer to help you. If you don’t have these resources on your team, or if your website was designed by CIBLE, you can contact us for assistance.


Option 1


Import an HTML file into your website directory

This first method is to import an HTML file produced by Facebook into the root directory of your website. We suggest you ask a web developer to assist you and place it in the right location. Then you can tell Facebook to verify your domain name.

Option 2


DNS verification

This second method implies that you had a TXT entry for your DNS registration. Does this sound like Chinese? One of our web developers can guide you!

You can also find the step by step process for both methods in Facebook's help section.



Associate your Facebook page or pages to a verified domain

Once one of the two verification methods is completed, you have to associate one or several Facebook pages with your verified domain. To do that, access your account settings and click on Domain in the brand safety section of the left menu. Then select Pages in the Allocated resources section. On the right side, click on the bottom Allocated resources. You should now see all the pages you added to your Business Manager page. Select all three pages you want to add to your domain and click Save changes.



You have several websites from which you want to publish links on Facebook?

It is possible to submit more than one domain name for verification, if you have several websites associated with your Facebook pages.



You have several Business Managers accounts for the same domain?

You must add all your accounts as Partners in your Business Manager where the verification was done. In order to do that, you must click on Domain, Partners, then Assign a partner.


We hope this article will help you understand why and how to have your domain name verified by Facebook.

If you have question, don’t hesitate to ask our team for advice!