Our latest launch: Sherbyjob.ca

CIBLE is proud to present its latest employer branding campaign: Sherbyjob! In order to efficiently promote student recruitment for the City of Sherbrooke for the summer season, CIBLE deployed various communication tools to make the campaign young, dynamic, attractive and interactive!

Working closely with the Human Resources department of the City of Sherbrooke, CIBLE proceeded with a thorough analysis so that the chosen strategy would be in line with the reality and needs of students. From the name "Sherbyjob" and the campaign’s logo, advertising, and new website design, all the communication tools were created and thought up to focus on the students looking for jobs.

Approachable and intuitive, the website (landing page) clearly demonstrates the hiring process, from applying to starting as a new employee. While maintaining a professional statement, the content is intended to change the perception that some students might have of working for the city: a serious job, yes, but there is still a lot of fun to be had working there!


Students and former students who worked for the city participated in a photo shoot and seven video clips were all incorporated to the website to illustrate the available jobs, in a playful and interactive way. With an intuitive and summery visual, the new website is ready to attract students and motivate them to join the adventure!

We bet this new campaign won’t go unnoticed!

Design de l'affiche du poste aux ressources humaines

Design de l'affiche du poste aide-technique en géomatique