The best 2019 Super Bowl advertising!

Again this year, the Ciblés were reunited one more time, following the Super Bowl LIII, to watch the best of the best in advertising and to give their impressions. It was difficult to sort them into a pecking order, so the Ciblés chose to issue “honorary titles” for the ones that stood out, included in their top 5.


1.Honourable mention: Plaisir Gastronomique's "Football"

Often, when we think of the Super Bowl, we automatically think American advertising. But in Québec, we do a great job too! Les Ciblés granted an honourable mention to Plaisir Gastronomique for their advertising declination of the Super Bowl!



2. Pringles' "Sad Device"

In this ad, Pringles made us smile by using a voice recognition system that reflects on how sad life is because, having no senses, she can’t taste the chips…



3. Walmart's "Grocery pickup"

You know the child in us? This ad is full of references and childhood icons such as movies, heroes, cars, etc. The geek in you will most probably appreciate this high budget ad!



4. Devour "Frozen Food Porn"

This ad stood out through its innuendo, comparing the actor’s addition to frozen meals and adult movies. You will smile for sure!



5. Hyundai's "The Elevator"

Starring actor Jason Bateman, this ad takes place in an elevator where every floor shows a more or less inviting scene from life. Of course, the Hyundai throne on the last floor, refers to paradise!



Every year, the Super Bowl is considered THE event for good advertising fans (and of course for football fans!)! You like powerful advertising but you don’t have 5 million dollars to invest for 30 seconds of broadcasting? No problem! At CIBLE, we adapt to every budget!